The human being is in constant relation with nature, with himself, with others, he discovers, thinks and reflects about his history, the social heard.
Julio tries to capture in his work a mixture of sociology and its bond between human beings, his behaviour, a creation as a mirror of society.
Working space as a complex, homogeneous mental process, experiencing a tension of what it is and what is wants to be.
The concept of “habitus” is spontaneity, this is what makes the action not just an immediate reaction to a vast reality, but an intelligent copy; the exterior and interior act producing an urgent temporal practice.
This project is born from the need to represent a different and ironic view of social prototype based on routines or daily lifestyle, the surroundings and interpersonal relations, creating an installation containing illustrations, digital animation and sculpture.
His project is immaculate and defines stile, the perceptive phenomenon that defines the line is full of energy. He is an artist that communicates and feels the space that he is going to intervene in, showing us an objective structure in its context.
His dissatisfaction is born from his curiosity to find new ways of artistic expression through digital media.

Sculpture, illustration, videoart
Fonseca Space Contemporary